Mandate of PME

  1. To act as Nodal point between the Institute and CSIR Head Quarter for the timely delivery of the queries related to projects, Parliament questions and any other issues pertaining to R&D activity of CSIR-NISTADS.

  2. Preparation of RC Agenda, convening RC meetings and keeping the record and database of all the RC activities. Participation in institute’s annual plan and budget preparations as well as annual reporting are mandatory activities of the Division.

  3. To acts as central repository of the project documents, progress reports, fund receipt and utilization reports, project completion reports. PME is the central agency for monitoring and evaluation the projects for the committed deliverables in a time bound manner and progress of utilization of the funds to meet the mandated objectives of the project.

  4. It is the enforcement body within the Lab for implementation of CSIR Guidelines for Project Monitoring and Evaluation issued from time to time. It is a key player in framing projects as per CSIR guidelines through transparent consultative process among the scientists and other network project partners. 

  5. Organizing internship programs for Students from Science, Engineering and technology area.

  6. Dissemination of information on all relevant National & International Research Program Requests including fellowships and maintenance of NISTADS’ required registration with such agencies as mandatory, and liaison with grant giving agencies.

  7. Guiding fresh scientific personnel in the preparation and submission of project proposals.

  8. Project expenditure monitoring of all projects, including proper procurement of capital goods as sanctioned in the projects.

  9. Guiding fresh scientific personnel in the preparation and submission of project proposals.

  10.  Provide information on terms & conditions of funding agencies, and create awareness regarding international and national prerequisites for project submission.



      NISTADS has a PME Division comprising of the following members:

  • Dr.Vipan Kumar, Senior Principal Scientist and Head PME

  • Dr. Madhulika Bhati, Principal Scientist

  • Anil Kr. Sharma, Principal Technical Officer

  • Dr. Anil Kumar, Sr. Tech. Officer (2)

  • Shri J.S. Narula, Sr. Technician (2)

  • Ms. Tara Verma, Sr. Technician (2)

For more details, contact:

1.   Head, PME

2.  PME Mail