NISTADS Public Outreach Programme (NPOP)

 An Integrated Outreach Human Resource Development Programme: Enhancing Skills in S&T Policy Making

The CSIR-NISTADS Integrated Outreach Human Resource Development Programme has launched to develop S&T policy oriented human resources and discuss various topics of national importance through engagement of various stakeholders for their views and inputs in this techno-socio-economic developments initiative. However, proper S&T assessments and mapping required in-depth knowledge of relevant technologies integrated with socio-economics. The basic approach will be to collate, compile and structure the information obtained through policy debates, seminars, workshops, training and skill development in critical areas like water, energy, and health, societal and strategic applications and prepare a structured policy document. An active and inclusive public debate can make significant contribution to policy formulation and policy advocacy.

       NISTADS has launched several activities under NPOP:

  • Vitarka: The primary goal of Vitarka is to engage the public in policy debate for techno-socio-economic transformation, especially through S&T intervention through discussion in an open environment in an informed and participative manner.

  • Techno-Foresight: The primary goal of Techno-Foresight is to organize exposure-discussion on concepts and products that are in the far horizons of science and technology, but have high socio-economic implications. The basic goal of Foresight is to create awareness of socio-economic transformative potentials of new concept/discoveries

  • Jigyasa: It is a joint initiative of CSIR and Kendriya Vidyayla Sangathan. Its’ aim is to connect CSIR Institutes with school students to develop ‘Scientific Temper’ in the young minds. It encourages the student’s capabilities to use scientific methods which include questioning, observing physical reality, testing hypothesizing, analyzing, and communicating. 

Jigyasa Program

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