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Ph.D Supervisor

Area of Research

August 2013

Manjari Manisha

Dr. Y. Madhavi

Water and Sanitation for public health



Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya

Role of bilateral institutions in developing knowledge, networks and research innovation Eco-system

Priyamvadah Kinth

Dr. Yogesh Suman

Food and Nutrition Policy and regulatory framework

Dabanjana Dey


S&T Policy Conversions an: analysis of livestock, breeding, engineering & Biodiversity in India

Jan. 2014

Ankit Tripathi

Dr. Yogesh Suman

Interoperbility of E-health applications

Praveen Rawat



Jan. 2015


Dr. Kasturi Mandal

Natural Resources Management

Umang Gupta


Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya

Intellectual Property Rights

Nitesh Kumar

Dr. Yogesh Suman

Knowledge based collaboration between Govt. Research Institutions and Private Sector Industry

Anurag Kanaujia

Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya

Policy Studies in Genetic Engineering

Aug. 2015

Sadhna Sahu

Dr. Tabassum Jamal

Policies for MSME Sector: A Case of Agro-based Industries and Rural Development

Aarti Das

Dr. Y. Madhavi

Vaccines and Public Health

Dhruv Mishra

Dr. Y. Madhavi

Public Health Sciences

Jan. 2016

Naresh Babu

Dr. L. Pulamte

Api-culture in North East Region

Aug. 2016

Abhishek Kumar


Decision Support System