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Principal Technical Officer
MBA (From FMS University of Delhi); MVS From Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pillani
Office:11-25843094, Mobile: 9868261036


Jounrnal Papers:

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Book Chapters:

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Conference Papers:

  • Rai, L. P and Lal, K. (1998). Indicators of information revolution. In International Conference on Operational research for a better tomorrow. Delhi University, December 24-26.
  • Lal, K and Rai, L. P. (2008). Service-led economic growth-sectoral analysis of the Indian Economy. In 5th Asialics International Conference 2008 From Manufacturing to Services: Changing Role of Innovation Systems, IIM Bangalore, April 2-4.
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  • Lal, K. (2013) ‘Questioning India’s ability to harness information communication technology’, in the proceeding of National Conference on ‘Information and Communication Technologies for Competitive Advantage’, organized by University School of Management Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, on 26thApril 2013 (eds.) (ISBN 978-93-80544-09-0 available in CD.


  • Foreign Technical Assistance received by India to train S&T manpower, 1950-90. Sponsored by Dept.of Science and Technology, Ministry of S&T.
  •   Status of Innovation in the automobile industries: Sponsored by the NSTMIS division of Dept. of     Science and Technology.
  •  Study of R&D and Innovation Activity of Firms in India, 1990-2004. Sponsored by Dept. of Scienceand Technology, Ministryof S&T.
  •   Frame work for Impact Assessment of the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) Network. Sponsored by NCSTC, Dept. of S&T, Ministry of S&T.


Books/report Reviews:

  • Published reviews of many books/reports in CSIR’s journals CLOSS and JSIR. Some of the reports reviewed are World Development Reports, and Human Development Reports, and books reviewed are on the topic of ICT for sustainable development, TV in contemporary Asia, and ICT and society.
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Principal Technical Officer