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PhD "Mapping the Cognitive Structure of a Research Speciality: A case study of Condensed Matter Physics (IIT Delhi), MSc (Physics) (Delhi University) Associateship in Information Science (CSIR)
Office:011-25843024, Mobile: 9999020157
Research Area
Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Studies, Scientometrics, Intellectual Property Rights


Abstracts of Research Papers

Research papers (2013 onwards)

  • Bhattacharya, S., Kumar, R. and Singh, S (2020). Capturing the Salient Aspects of IoT Research. Forthcoming in Scientometrics. Online First link
  • Aggarwal, R., Bhattacharya, S., & Singh, S. (2020). Mapping the Global Research and Clinical Trials in COVID-19. MedRxiv  doi: (submitted in Journal)
  • Sujit Bhattacharya and Shubham Singh (2020). Visible Insights of the Invisible Pandemic: A scientometrics, altmetric and topic trend analysis. As preprint available in (submitted in journal)
  • Rana, S., Singh, S and Bhattacharya, S. (submitted). What is the Impact of India’s Plant Variety Protection Act?  An analytical examination based on registrations under this act. Submitted to Journal of Intellectual Property Rights  (corresponding author)
  • Singh, P, Singh V.K., Arora, P. and Bhattacharya S. (2020) India’s Rank and Proportionate Share in the Global Research Output - Part 1: how data sourced from different databases can produce different outcomes? arXiv:2007.05917. (Submitted in Journal)
  • Singh V.K., Arora, P., Uddin, A. and Bhattacharya, S. (2020) India’s Rank and Proportionate Share in the Global Research Output - part 2: how publication counting method and subject selection can vary the outcomes? arXIV:2007.05919. (Submitted in Journal)
  • Bhattacharya, S. (2020) Science and Innovation Design in the 21st Century: New Paradigms and Challenges for Policy, Current Science, 18 (3), 348-349
  • Bhattacharya, S. (2019). Some Salient Aspects of Machine Learning Research: A Bbliometric Analysis, Journal of Scientometric Research, 8(2s);85-92
  • Anurag Kanujia and Sujit Bhattacharya (2018) “The GM crop debate in India: Stakeholders interests, perceptions, Trust and Public Policy”, Asian Biotechnology Development Review. 20(1&2).
  • Bhattacharya, S. (2018) Eugene Garfield: Brief Reflections (2018) Scientometrics 114(2) pp. 401-407 IF 2.147 (SCI)
  • Shilpa and Sujit Bhattacharya (2017) Indo-French cooperation in water sciences: capturing research dynamics through co-authorship analysis. Current Science 113(9):1668-1674. IF 0.843 (SCI)
  •  Bhattacharya. S. and Shilpa (2016) Capturing the Growth Dynamics of Science: A Publication based Analysis. Current Science 110 (8), pp. 1429-1425. IF 2.147 (SCI)
  •  Bhattacharya, S, Shilpa, Kaul, A. (2015). Emerging Countries Assertion in the Global Publication Landscape of Science: A Case Study of India. Scientometrics. DOI 10.1007/s11192-015-1551-4 IF 2.147 (SCI)
  • Bhattacharya, S. (2015). Reaping the Fruits of Indo-EU S&T and Innovation Partnership. World Trade Research and Information Report On Trade. 2 (2), 47-48.
  • Bhattacharya, S., Kaul, A., Shilpa and Sharma, P. (2014). Role of Bilateral Institution in Influencing Collaboration: Case Study of CEFIPRA- A Bilateral S&T Institution Established by India and France. Scientometrics, 102 (1), 169-194. IF 2.147 (SCI)
  • Shrivats, S. V. and Bhattacharya, S. (2014). Forecasting the trend of international scientific collaboration. Scientometrics, 101 (3), 1941-1954. IF 2.147 (SCI)
  • Koen, B and Bhattacharya, S. (2013). Emerging technologies in India: Developments, debates and silences about nanotechnology. Science and Public Policy Journal. IF 1.538 (SSCI)


  • Policy Perspective on Innovation and Sustainable Development Edited by Sujit Bhattacharya, Yogesh Suman and Tabassum Jamal (2017). Syahi Publication House, New Delhi.
  • Co-Editor of India Science Report, Volume III. Published by Cambridge University Press: New Delhi. 2015
  • CEFIPRA 25 Years: Strengthen Scientific Competence & Enable Industrial Competitiveness of Indo-French S&T Ecosystem. Published by CEFIPRA (Indo- French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research): New Delhi. 2014
  • Co-Editor of India Science Report, Volume II. Published by Cambridge University Press. New Delhi 2013


  • Nanotechnology Research and Innovation for Development: Status and Prospect in India (Report prepared under XII plan project, Govt. of India) [Project Leader and Principal Author] 2017.
  • A comparative Study on S&T, Innovation and Development Strategies of China and Korea vis-à-vis India’, project undertaken for the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India (Co-Investigator).
  • ‘Knowledge Creation and Innovation in an Emerging Technology: Contemporary and Future Scenario in Nanotechnology”. Sponsored Project Report Published by Department of Science and Technology December, 2012. {Project Leader and Lead Author]
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