Holistic Health

Title: Ayur Vatika

Scope: Vertical garden with Ayurvedic herbs

India has a rich tradition of herbal remedies, practiced through Ayurveda and other disciplines. Due to lack of information and constraint in space, these herbs are not easily available in an urban environment. CSIR-NISTADS has developed an Ayurvedic Vertical Garden, ‘Ayur Vatika’, as a solution for herbal healthcare at home, along with web informatics.

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Nature of EngagementIndustrial Partner-Commercialization

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Dr. Suman Ray did her Ph.D from Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CSIR-IITR), Lucknow. She is a recipient of ‘Bharat Jyoti Award’ and ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for meritorious services, outstanding performances and remarkable role. Her research interest includes healthcare, holistic health, telemedicine, brain function and disease. Email: suman@nistads.res.in 



Co-PIDr. Kasturi Mandal, Scientist at CSIR-NISTADS

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Ayur Vatika with Automated drip irrigation facility at CSIR-NISTADS

(Collection of 100 medicinal herbs in the form of a ‘Vertical Garden’)