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So far India was able to control Covid-19 cases but surge in number of infected cases is registered for the last few days. Daily number of infected cases is consistent over 3000 and causalities over 100. One thing is positive that recovery rate is rising but spike in infected cases is a matter of concern. The total number of infected cases are 56409 with active cases 37725, recovered cases 16790 and deaths 1890. Maharashtra (17,974), Gujarat (7,013), Delhi (5,980) and Tamil Nadu (5,409) are the worst affected states with about 65% cases of the total cases.

In coming days number of infected cases are likely to rise in India and trends indicate continues rise during the Month of May. Similar, trends may be projected for USA. However, current estimates show that China is able to control further infected cases, while in the case of Spain and Italy new infected case may be lowest (approach to zero) by the end of May.

Comparative trends for India, China, USA, Italy and Spain are presented in the following Figures.

Projections are indicative and based on current data which may vary with any development-such as sample size of testing, corrective measures etc.

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