ज्ञान तथा जागरूकता मानचित्रण मंच (केएएमपी)

विषय: ज्ञान तथा जागरूकता मानचित्रण मंच (केएएमपी)   

KAMP website: http://kamp.nistads.res.in/

क्षेत्र: ज्ञान प्रणाली की बढ़ती हुई जटिलता के साथ तथा दो साल से भी कम समय के लिए एक सूचना का समय, एक नियमित उद्देश्य 


With the growing complexity of the knowledge system, and an information doubling time of now less than two years, a regular, objective and preferably quantitative assessment of awareness and the levels of knowledge on various subjects is a critical need, not only for students but also for teachers and parents. A platform that allows easy and objective assessment of skill would fill a critical gap.

Based on the algorithm and design developed at NISTADS, the Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform (KAMP) is proposed as an enabling platform to provide easy, objective, measurable and unbiased assessment of awareness and knowledge levels on various basic topics, with focus on science and technology through an Interactive User Interface.

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नियुक्ति का स्वरूप

परियोजना प्रभारी: डॉ. कस्तूरी मंडल;

सह-परियोजना प्रभारी: अविनाश क्षितिज

कस्तूरी मंडल का प्रोफाइल:

Kasturi Mandal is working as Scientist at CSIR-NISTADS. Her research interests are Comparative STI policy studies, cross-country analyses. Holding a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry, she has worked on several EU and World Bank project in the water sector & has undertaken collaborative project with Russian Academy of Sciences, prepared fact sheets on India STI for the Horizon 2020 program of the EU.

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