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Research Project Undertaken:

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  • Madhavi Y. (2014), An invited discussant in the first journal club discussion forum[]. in response to an article on ‘ May 2014: Intussusception risk associated with rotavirus vaccines’ published online on 10th June 2014 titled ‘Risk assessment of intussusceptions with rotavirus vaccine in developing countries’. [file:///G:/all%20in%20one%20folder/madhvi/madhaviarticles/Thread%20view-intusseseption%20rota%20vaccine.htm]
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  •  Madhavi Y. A response to an article on "Active surveillance for intussusception in a phase III efficacy trial of an oral monovalent rotavirus vaccine in India" in the website- pubpeers, a pubmed commons online discussion forum. The above comments are published at


Research papers

  • Raghuram, N., Madhavi, Y., 1999. Are Indian Scientists losing in the World Publishing Race? In: Emerging Trends in Scientometrics and Informetrics, edited by P. S. Nagpaul, Allied publishers, New Delhi.
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Books/Book chapters/Reports/Bulletins

  •  Madhavi Y., 2010. Raghuram, N., Madhavi, Y., 1999. Are Indian Scientists losing in the World Publishing Race? In: Emerging Trends in Scientometrics and Informetrics, edited by P. S. Nagpaul, Allied publishers, New Delhi.
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Technical Reports &Working Papers

  • Madhavi Y., 1993. `New Drug policy 1992 and the growth of the drug industry.’ REP-134B/93, NISTADS. This is a part of project done during 4 months training on ‘Development policy and Planning’ in the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. 
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  • Y. Madhavi and Anubha Mahajan 2015, Affordable Healthcare: The Indian Perspective. A policy bulletin No.8, March 2015, published by NISTADs.

List of publications in newspapers/Magazines/ News letters

  • Madhavi Y and Raghuram N., 1995. N. Drug Policy - 1994, I: Adding to the Citizens' Woes. The Hindu Businessline, Chennai, June 08.
  • Madhavi Y and Raghuram N., 1995.  Drug Policy - 1994, II: Mortgaging Peoples' Health. The Hindu Businessline, chennai, June 09.
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  •  Madhavi Y. “Vaccines for India: Meeting local needs in global times”, International workshop on ‘The Global Vaccine System: Its Historical emergence and current vaccine dynamic’ 18th to 20th Oct 2006 at University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Participated as an invited team member from Prof. Stuart Bloom, university of Amsterdam for future international collaborative project along with UK, Europe and other developing countries.
  •  Madhavi Y. and Dinesh Abrol. “The Place of R&D in Indian Pasteur Institutes: Understanding the Colonial Roots of Under-Development”. Third conference of the Asian Society for History of Medicine (ASHM) on “Health and Medicine in History: East-West Exchange,” 2-4 Nov 2006, School of Social Sciences-I, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
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  •  Madhavi. Y, ‘Evidence based national vaccine Policy: Agenda for Action. International Seminar on Innovation, Sustainability and Development, co-organised by CDS, Trivendrum, SPRU, UK and NISTADS, New Delhi, New Delhi, 28-30 June 2011.
  •  Y. Madhavi. National vs. Global approaches to vaccine policy: The new face of an old conflict International Seminar Socio-economic and technological innovations in the globalizing world (STIGE-2011): Mechanism and Institutions NISTADS-Russian Academy of Sciences, 2-5 Nov 2011, NASC Complex, New Delhi.
  •  Y. Madhavi and N. Raghuram. Vaccine PSUs & Rational Vaccine Policy: PIL in Supreme Court, SP Shukla & Ors Vs. Union of India, National Dialogue Using the Law for Public Health, Co-organised by Human Rights Law Network, LOCOST, PRAYAS & IHES, 17th –18th Dec 2011, Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.
  •  Madhavi. Y. ‘National Vaccine Policy: Evidence as the Key’. Seminar on Strengthening of Public Sector Health System for Universal access to Healthcare, 16-17 July 2012, India International Centre, New Delhi.
  •  Madhavi. Y. “Health sector: Economics of vaccination policy.” An interactive lecture with graduate students in Economics Department in Miranda house, Delhi University on 19th Feb 2013 on its 3 day annual function named “The Last Verdict”.
  •  Y. Madhavi, Invited discussant in a Round Table conference on ‘Governance of Regenerative Medicine and Patients' Needs in India’ 2nd July, 2014, IIC Annexe, organized by University of Sussex, RIS and Delhi University.
  •  Y. Madhavi, Invited discussant in a multi-stakeholder discussion on ‘Facing Our Future: Countering Non-Communicable Diseases in India through Investments in Innovation’, 4th Aug 2014, Strategic Partners Group (SPAG Asia) New Delhi.
  •  Y. Madhavi & Anubha Mahajan, ‘Access to affordable Healthcare in Post Liberalization in India’, 25th Nov 2014, CSIR-NISTADS, New Delhi.
  •  Y. Madhavi, Invited consultant on ‘Consultations on potential biologics in enhancing healthcare outcomes and Barriers to access’, 13th Dec 2014, New Delhi.
  •  Y. Madhavi, Invited participant in ‘Bridging the Gap: 4th Healthcare Leaders Forum (HLF)’ on March 12, 2015 at Hotel Royal Plaza, New Delhi.
  •  Madhavi Y. (2015). Invited discussant on ‘Workshop on Clinical Trial Regulations of India,’ 2nd Dec, 2015, RIS, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
  •  Y. Madhavi, “Preventive Medicine and Vaccination Policy”, National Workshop on “Law and Medicine” Organized by University School of Law & Legal Studies GGSIP University, New Delhi on 20th March, 2015.

 Organised Two Workshops

  •  One day workshop was organized on ‘Health economics’ on 18th Dec 2007.
  •  Two day brainstorming workshop on ‘Sustainable national Vaccine Policy’ in 4-5th June 2009. (Workshop output was a policy draft published in IJMR May 2010 for a wider national/international discussion)


  • Awarded senior visiting fellow under Ford foundation fellowship in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, during the period March-July 2000.
  • Invited peer reviewer of ‘Cochrane (Acute respiratory Infection Group) review’ on combination vaccine.
  • Invited peer reviewer for international Journal ‘Vaccine’. Reviewed 4 manuscripts
  • Invited expert reviewer for the Journal ‘Science Communication’
  • Invited expert reviewer of the Journal ‘World journal of Methodology’
  • Invited expert reviewer of the journal ‘World journal of Medicine’
  • Invited expert reviewer of the journal ‘Lancet’.
  • Invited peer reviewer of a book chapter in an American based publication (Bioplan Associates, New York).
  • Invited expert commentator to UNDP, Brazil on ‘Public sector role in accessing vaccines and medicines in developing countries’.
  • Invited expert reviewer on the project proposal titled ‘Public health supply in Alberta’, Institute of Health Economic, Alberta, Canada.
  • Invited peer reviewer on the project proposal titled ‘Explaining Differential Immunization Coverage; the case of pentavalent vaccine in India and Malawi’ University of Oslo, Norway. Invited reviewer of a project proposal on immunization coverage from Wellcome Trust, London.
  • Provided expert inputs on access to vaccines as a single resource person from India to an international project on ‘the emerging generic medicines and vaccine sectors’ future role and the opportunities and barriers to supplying essential vaccines to those in developing countries’, on the request of project consultant from access to medicines foundation Netherlands and John Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public Health, International vaccine access centre.
  • Invited expert to comment on ‘drug trials in India’ by China radio International, Beijing.


  • discussant to a debate on ‘Ethics in conducting clinical trials of HPV vaccine in the districts of Andhra Pradesh’ with civil society and academia was published in Invited Referee of the Journal ‘Current Science’
  • Invited peer reviewer of the journal ‘Indian Journal of Medical Research (IJMR)’
  • An invited the Journal of Medical Ethics.
  • Provided expert comments and inputs to an NGO on the project ‘Identification of Policy Concerns and Prioritizing Policy Research Questions in the area of Access to Medicines”.
Designation Hierarchy
Senior Principal Scientist