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जर्नल पेपर 2016

Journal Papers Published since 2006

Journal Papers 2016

  1. Bharvi Dutt and |Khaiser Nikam (2016) 'Scientometric Analysis of Global Solar Cell Research', Annals of Library and Information Studies, 63, March: 31-41.
  2. Jaideep Ghosh and Avinash Kshitij, (2016) 'Higher Education in Basic Science and Socioeconomic Characteristics of Students’ Life in India: An Exploratory Study', Social Indicators Research, 125(1):311-337.
  3. K. C. Garg, S. Kumar (2016) 'Scientometric profile of an Indian state: The case study of Odisha', Collnet Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management, 10(1): 141-153.
  4. K.C. Garg and S. Kumar, (2016) 'Bibliometrics of global Ebola Virus Disease research as seen through Science Citation Index Expanded during 1987–2015', Travel medicine and Infectious Disease, available online 20 October, 2016,
  5. K.C. Gouda, P. Goswami (2016) ‘Organization of vertical shear of wind and daily variability of monsoon rainfall’, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physic, 128(5): 565-577.
  6. M. Manisha (2016) ‘Sustainable Sanitation For India’, Journal Of Public Health Policy,  37(1): 121-122.
  7. M. Rais,  and S. Sherin K. (2016) 'Meat Processing in India: Science, Technology Policy and Skill Development Issues', Journal of Meat Science and Technology, 4(2): 53-61.
  8. M. Rais, J. Kushwaha and A. Rohan (2016) ‘Fruits and Vegetables Processing in India: Science, Technology & Skill Development Policy Issues’, Productivity (National Productivity Council Journal), 57(1): 78-92.
  9. Naresh Kumar (2016) 'Changing Contours of Indian Economy: Comparative Assessment of Inter-sectoral Growth', JBIMS Spectrum: A Journal of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies), IV(1):2020-21, ISSN: 2302-7272.
  10. Naresh Kumar (2016) 'Impact of Parental Socio-economic Factors on the Performance of Students in IIT-JEE', Current Science, 110(11): 2079-2081.
  11. Renu Jethi (2016) ‘Major Air Pollutants and their Effect on Health’, Journal of Energy Research and Environmental Technology (JERET),  3(4)October-December: 228-234.
  12. Renu Jethi (2016) ‘Mapping of STS Literature in Current Literature on Science of Science ( CLOSS ) of special issues on developing countries’, Advances in Computer Science and Information Technology (ACSIT), 3(6): October-December: 527-534.
  13. S. Bhattacharya, Shilpa (2016) ‘Capturing The Growth Dynamics Of Science: A Publication-Based’, Current Science,  110(8): 1419-1425.
  14. Shailaja Rego, Naresh Kumar and P. N. Mukherjee (2016) 'Impact of policy Implementation on Telecommunication Diffusion in India' International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking, (in press).
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  16. Suresh Kumar (2016) ‘Scientometric Study of Artificial Neural Networks Research in India’, International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology, 6(S1): 16-20.
  17. V. Rakesh and P. Goswami (2016) ‘An Evaluation Strategy Of Skill Of High-Resolution Rainfall Forecast For Specific Agricultural Applications’, Meteorological Applications, 23(3): 529-540.