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NISTADS has a broad spectrum of expertise.  Following are some of the areas where services are available.

  1. Socio-Economic Impact Analysis (SEIA): Potential as well as realized socio-economic impacts are critical inputs for project planning and project evaluation.  Currently we are engaged in analysis, evidence based and preferably quantitative, of potential as well as realized impacts of various technologies/interventions, especially by CSIR.
  2. Technology Audit, Analysis and Forecasting (TAAF): TAAF, including assessment of Technology Readiness Level (TRL), identification of critical Technology Elements (TCE) and technology Foresight play critical roles in project design and investment planning-NISTADS is the identified laboratory for TRL assessment for CSIR projects.
  3. Sustainability Analysis, and Modelling and Projection (SAMP): With the emphasis of essentially all GOI missions on sustainable and inclusive development, careful analysis and modelling of sustainability are important components of any project.  NISTADS has made important contributions in a number of topics; several of these have received national and international acclaim.
  4. Policy Analysis, Evaluation and Planning (PAEP): NISTADS is engaged in PAEP for a number of topics and agencies like BRICS, International Labour Organisation and, NITI Aayog.

For more details, contact:

1.   Head, Business Development

2.  Director, NISTADS