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Broad Scope


Technology Audit, Analysis and Forecasting (TAAF)


Assessments of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) combined with technology analyses in terms of various components like Critical Technology Elements and aided by data analytics are emerging as powerful decision support tools. TAAF will allow knowledge-based decision support to industry and other user agencies.

  • Technology assessment
  • Investment Planning
  • Product Planning
  • Decision Support
  • Policy advocacy

Techno-Socio-Economic Impact Analysis (SEIA)

Assessment of both potential (pre-project) and post-project techno-socio-economic impact analyses are critical for effective development and implementation of projects. NISTADS SEIA will use modern tools and analytics to create an enabling platform

  • Project Development
  • Project Assessment
  • Impact Analysis
  • Impact projection

S&T Interventions for Sustainable and Inclusive Development’(STISID)

Identification and assessment of S&T Solutions to enable and accelerate sustainable and inclusive development keeping in sight the UN SDGs with evidence-based policy advocacy

  • Accentuated SDGs
  • Inclusive growth
  • Inclusive Health
  • Policy advocacy

S&T Entrepreneurship and Proof-of-Concept (STEP)

Analysis and assessment of entrepreneurship policies with evidence-based policy advocacies and implementable Proof-of-Concept

  • Policy Analysis
  • Policy advocacy
  • Proof-of-Concept

S&T Innovation Policy (STIP)

Analysis and assessment of innovation policies at different scales with analysis and evidence-based policy advocacies

  • Policy Analysis
  • Policy Design
  • Policy Advocacy

Social Dynamics Analysis and Modelling (SDAM)

Analysis of various social systems at different scales and scope- cultural, political and geographical to develop insights into social evolution and design of social systems

  • Analysis
  • Modelling
  • Prediction