Glimpses of Jigyasa Programme: CSIR-NISTADS, New Delhi

2nd August 2019

CSIR-National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, New Delhi organized an orientation programme on “water” for students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan on 2nd August, 2019, under the “Jigyasa”-Student-Scientist Connect Programme. Dr. M. Rais, Senior Principal Scientist and Nodal Officer of Jigyasa programme at CSIR-NISTADS, welcomed the teachers and students. He gave detailed orientation about Jigyasa programme at CSIR NISTADS and participated in the interactive sessions with students and teachers on the theme and encouraged them to adopt innovative techniques of water conservation and purification.

About 89 students from class 11th and 12th from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Keshav Puram, Delhi along with 9 teachers participated in this orientation programme. Dr. Madhulika Bhati and Dr. Kasturi Mandal, Senior Scientists, CSIR NISTADS conducted the programme on water. It included the awareness about water, water remediation technologies based on filtration, reverse osmosis, ozonation and membrane based, which would sensitize them to inculcate the scientific temperament. They also highlighted the water contamination and technologies of water remediation by different labs of CSIR (approximately 15 labs). Technology compendium on water providing the detailed information on technologies available for specific contamination in India, was also discussed.

In addition, Quiz competition for students on water awareness was conducted. Students were judged by specially constituted panels of CSIR-Scientists and staff, and prizes were distributed to the winners. Students enjoyed the orientation programme and quiz competition.



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Jigyasa -Student-Scientist Connect Programme on August 2, 2019