Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

        Functions of Administrative Officer

  • To discharge all administrative functions in a Lab./Instt.
  • To handle all vigilance cases/matters of a Lab./Instt.
  • To ensure discipline and punctuality in the Lab./Instt.
  • To handle security problems of Lab./Instt.
  • To ensure overall coordination with various Divisions of Lab./Instt.; and
  • To discharge any other job assigned by the Director of a Lab.

       Functions of Finance & Accounts Officer

  • Overall supervision of Finance & Accounts Division
  • Exercising financial propriety in day-to-day work.
  • To provide help/advice Director in Financial matters and any other misc. work assigned by Director.
  • To provide guidance to the staff, motivate them and keep them update with latest instructions issued by CSIR/GOI.
  • To ensure timely payment to all and maintaining records thereof.
  • To monitor the funds availability and related correspondence.
  • To send various statements viz. Monthly Account; O.B. Statement, Bank Reconciliation Statements (quarterly), GPF Remittance, transfer of funds.
  • To implement various Accounting Instructions/decisions issued by CSIR.
  • To coordinate project monitoring with Head PME and related work.
  • To examine various administrative proposals under Rules and give concurrence/comments thereon.
  • To ensure timely preparation of Budget document (RE & BE) and submission of final Account to CSIR (yearly closing).
  • To attend parliament question and provide input wherever required by Director/Admn. for submission to CSIR.
  • To represent SPCI/II and other meetings held in lab.
  • To invest surplus funds in approved banks after following the laid down procedure i.e. calling rates from banks etc.
  • To hold Adhoc Committee meetings for pending Audit paras and correspondence with office of Principal Directorate of Audit.
  • For recoupment of amount due from other office – necessary correspondence is done and monitored closely.
  • Pension payments and other related work/pay fixation