Calling All Creative Minds

Wild Ideas in Technology and Science (WITS)

A CSIR NISTADS Outreach Initiative

Why WITS: Disruptive developments in science and technology have often come from wild imagination.  While only few such wild ideas may survive the rigors of scientific scrutiny and assessment of implementability, that one path-breaking idea may revolutionize our civilization, taking human history along another path.

The young mind (irrespective of the biological age), yet uninhibited by constraints of disciplinary boundaries and procedural limitations, are the germination grounds of wild ideas that may transform our Science and Technology landscape. However, such germs of ideas need sunlight and oxygen of encouragement as well as critical comments. Unfortunately, there is hardly any mechanism for a place for recording these ideas, let alone nurturing them.

CSIR NISTADS invites all creative minds to articulate and record their wild creative ideas through WITS.

WITS is a global platform for all ages, with no restriction on nationality or topic. Just register and submit your wild revolutionary idea in the format given below. WITS Administration will acknowledge the entries that are complete with authorship (Your name); please provide correct contact address; incomplete entries will be discarded.

NISTADS will publish selected WITS entries with author’s name.

To record your WITS, fill the following form. Upon successful completion, you will receive an email alert; your WITS will then appear in the repository.

Format for Submission of WITS (multiple submissions are permitted)

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