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  • Policies, Strategies and Governance in an Emerging Technology: A Case Study of Nanotechnology Development in Selected Countries.

Project Team: Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya, Dr. Madhulika Bhati, Avinash Prasad Kshitij

  • Policies and Institutions: The Architecture of S&T for Development in South Asia.

Project Leader: Dr. Rajeswari S. Raina

  • Natural Resource Accounting: An Environmental Social Accounting Matrix for India.

Project Leader: Dr. S.Pohit

  • Technological Intervention as a Solution for Sustainable Water Use: A Roadmap for India

Project Leader: Dr. Kasturi Mandal

  • Research Proposal from Prof. T. Bagchi, visiting CSIR-NISTADS under Mobility Scheme “Themes in Science, Society, and Ethics with a Special Focus on Human-subject Bioethics”.

Project Leader: Dr. Tista Bagchi


  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Public R&D

Project Leader: Dr. Kavita Mehra

  • R&D Spillovers and the Geography of Innovation in India

Project Leader: Dr. Kastrui Mandal

  • Industry Performance: Regional and Sectoral Analysis

Project Leader: Dr. P.K.Biswas

  • Capacity Building in Vaccine R&D and Innovation in India

Project Leader: Dr. Y.Madhavi

  • Policies for Inclusive Growth and through Agro-based Processing and Value Addition in India.

Project Leader: Dr. Mohammed Rais

  • Technology Transfer/Licensing of Public R&D

 Project Leader: Dr. Kavita Mehra

  •  Debating Global Warming, Science, Politics & Perception

 Project Leader: Dr. S.Sangwan

  •  Village Resources Assessment & Planning for Studying Haryana Govt. Flagship Programme for Social Exclusion in Context of Recent S&T and Innovation Policy & Sustainable Development an Application of Geospatial Technology.

 Project Leader: Dr. Subhan Khan

  •  Agro-processing as a Strategy for Inclusive Growth and Promotion of Green Technology

 Project Leader: Dr. Mohammed Rais

  •  Role of Technology Licensing for Biotechnology Innovation in India

 Project Leader: Ms. Sandhya Wakdikar

  •  R&D Spill over and Geography of Innovation in India

 Project Leader: Dr. Kasturi Mandal.

  •  Capacity Building in Vaccine R&D in Innovation in India

 Project Leader: Dr. Y.Madhavi

  •  Infrastructure Facility of NISTADS, NET etc. Database etc. 

 Project Leader: A.K. Bhardwaj