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A CSIR- NISTADS Outreach Programme for Future Readiness



"India can become a global innovation leader provided we have 'technology foresight' to make the right technology choices, provided we introduce 'coherent synergy' in our science and technology related activities and provided we establish an effective 'innovation ecosystem" – (Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India) 

Techno-foresight provides a process for linking science and technology more effectively to wealth creation and improvements in the quality of life. Pro-active and far-sighted planning of Science & Technology can be a powerful engine of progress.

Techno-Foresight, a public discussion launched by CSIR-NISTADS is aimed at populating the public space with awareness and discussions on future science and technologies that will have transformative effects. The goal is to create both awareness and advocacy for a future ready India. Techno-Foresight aims to organize exposure-discussion on concepts and products that are in the far horizons of science and technology, but have high socio-economic implications. CSIR-NISTADS invites all stakeholders for their views, contribution and participation.

The Techno-Foresight sessions will be organized each month at India International Centre (IIC). Participation is by invitation based on direct invitation or selection from requests received through web registration (

Keep visiting NISTADS website for updates on topics and registration.