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Lecture on

A dynamical model of opinion formation

Shivnarayan Nishad & Prashant Goswami

Date: 20 February 2018 (Tuesday)

Time: 11.00 A.M.


Venue: Conference Hall, CSIR-NISTADS

Pusa Gate, K.S. Krishnan Marg

New Delhi 11 0 012


Many social processes, from election to terrorism, depend on growth of memberships to opinions. In a generic sense, an opinion is a proposition that for an individual has financial, cultural and emotional implications.  The individual responses in turn create a 'social response' which influences the individual response resulting in a dynamical system with two-way feedbacks.  We consider a set of deterministic dynamical equations that describe individual response to a class of prescribed opinions. The time-dependent opinion dynamics model exhibits nearly complete acceptance to nearly complete rejection with complex evolution, providing a framework for a mechanistic description of opinion formation.