"To undertake research on policy, policy advisory and provide research support to advocacy and advice, and to serve CSIR and other national S&T agencies on science, technology, society and innovation challenges"

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CSIR-National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, New Delhi is devoted to a study of various aspects of interaction among science, society and state and exploring continuously the interface between Science, Technology and Society. NISTADS is one of the 38 institutes/laboratories of the Government of India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi.

Currently, the faculty comprises 20 members out of which 10 are women. This faculty is drawn from a variety of academic discipline. This intellectual diversity is the mainstay of the institute. Research students enrolled in the Institute obtain Ph.D. degree from different universities. NISTADS has a vibrant visiting scholars programme, under which researchers from India and abroad are encouraged to spend time at the Institute.


The Institute has core competence in:

·   Science and Technology policy Research

·   Dedicated to the concern and problems of developing countries


 Among the diverse fields the Institute is involved in, some are:

·         Water

·         Rural areas

·         S& T mapping

·         High Technology

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Public Science and Technology


 Our Strengths:

·         Interdisciplinary research teams

·         Multi-discipline in faculty

·         Long research experience

·         Field research: designing/collecting primary data

·         Students, visitors network partners Indian as well as international

·         Access to CSIR resources, technologies, knowledge and people

·         World class IT Facility

·         World-class computerized library: access to several thousands of research journals and database


 We have proven our capabilities in:

·         Water-resources, economics, management and life science.

·         Entrepreneurship and Micro- entrepreneurship development

·         Innovation-Strategy and management

·         Intellectual property issues

·         Knowledge management; R&D management

·         Law, technology and economics

·         Science policy

·         Resource mapping/geography


 The research activity of the institute can be grouped under the following broad programmes:   

·         IPR: IPR & development studies

·         ITBT: Information technology and biotechnology: Policy matters and ethical concerns

·         InnP: Innovation policy

·         INKS: Innovation & knowledge society

·         TIARA: Technology & integrated assistance to rural artisans

·         SD: Sustainable development

·         STEVS: Science-technology-education valuation studies

.         HPS: History & philosophy of science / Public awareness of science


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