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CSIR Science, Technology and Development Studies (STADS) Network

One of the critical gaps in the current S&T planning in the country is the synthesis and integration of various technologies being developed in different laboratories, and their mapping to critical user requirements and national missions.

However, proper S&T assessments and mapping require in-depth knowledge of relevant technologies integrated with socio-economics. While NISTADS has expertise in socio-economic aspects, a major gap is adequate knowledge of diverse technologies available and being developed at CSIR and by other agencies in the country, and elsewhere in the world. A network of CSIR-NISTADS and STADS group of CSIR laboratories can provide an effective platform to enhance applicability of the CSIR technologies with the inclusion of appropriate socio-economic analysis

It is therefore proposed to establish a Science, Technology and Development Studies (STADS) Group in each of the CSIR Laboratories. The primary activity of each STADS Group will be to provide information from the laboratory on various technologies in different states of deployment, development and planning.

The basic approach will be to collate, compile and structure the information on diverse CSIR technologies from the laboratories to map them through quantitative and objective method to critical areas like water, energy, health, societal and strategic applications

The major output from the STADS Network will be a structured and integrated policy document on CSIR technologies for various national missions in terms of S&T already deployed (Green), S&T being developed (Yellow) and Future-Space Technology in the area (Blue) along with critical gap areas in the country (Red); the document may be brought out on an annual basis.

 The major outcome will be an integrated mapping of CSIR technologies for policy inputs to user agencies, policy planning for pro-active S&T design and strategy for leadership.

A sector-wise approach with a Road-map will be followed to develop outputs in prioritized sectors.