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Scientific and Technical Staff

Ms Sandhya Wakdikar 
Senior Scientist
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M.Sc. (Environmental Sciences), M.A.(Public Administration)
Shandya Wakdikar
Books Chapters
Sangwan, Satpal Wakdikar, Sandhya ( 2000 )‘From Savagery to Civility: Man and Nature from Historical Times to the End of Colonialism’: ‘The Indo-Gangetic Region: Land Use Land Cover Changes’ .( ed. Abrol, Y.P. Sangwan, Satpal Tewari, M.K. )Allied Publishers, New Delhi;none Pages: 29-60
Wakdikar, Sandhya ( 2007 )“Global Health Care Challenge: Indian Experiences and New Prescriptions”: 'Globalising Ayurveda- Opportunities and Challenges’.( ed. Ranade, P.S. )ICFAI University Press, ;May Pages: 0-0
Journal Papers
Wakdikar, Sandhya Compressed natural gas: A problem or a solution?, Current Science, 2, 82:, Januray, 2002, Pages: 25 - 29
Wakdikar , Sandhya Rai, L.P Environment; technology and society, Indian Journal of Environment Protection, 7, 18, , 1998, Pages: 556 - 600
Wakdikar, Sandhya Rai, L.P. Environment; technology and society., Systems and Cybernetics in Management, , 25, , 1998, Pages: 35 - 44
Wakdikar, Sandhya Rai, L.P. Paryavaran chetna evam samajik vyavastha (Hindi), Paryavaran Patrika, 1, , September, 2001, Pages: 42 - 44
Wakdikar, Sandhya Green House Prabhav: Ek Samiksha (Hindi), Paryavaran Patrika;, 1, , September, 2005, Pages: 1 - 3
Wakdikar, Sandhya C.N.G.: Navin Prodyogiki (Hindi), Paryavaran Patrika;, 1, 11, September, 2003, Pages: 4 - 6
Wakdikar, Sandhya “Global Health Care Challenge: Indian Experiences and New Prescriptions”, Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 3, 7, December, 2004, Pages: 217 - 223
Mrinalini , N. Wakdikar, Sandhya ‘Foreign R&D centers in India: Is there any positive impact?’, Current Science , 4, , February, 2008, Pages: 452 - 458
Book Review
Wakdikar, Sandhya ( 1997 ) Review of '‘Controlling Pollution- Incentives and Regulations’', ( ‘Controlling Pollution- Incentives and Regulations’ ) by Mehta, Shekhar Mundle, Sudipto Shankar, U , published by Sage Publications India Private Ltd, New Delhi (1996) Pages: 371 - 0. In Journal JSIR, vol: 56( Pages: 371 - 0).
Conference/Seminar/Workshop Organized
Conference on Decentralised Innovation By Vipan Kumar, Sandhya Wakdikar, NISTADS, New Delhi, 0 - 0 March 2007
Papers Presented in Conference
Kumar, Vipan; Wakdikar, Sandhya; Kapoor, Rammi; (2007) '‘Competitiveness and Innovation in Globalization Era: A Delhi Automotive Study’' in the ASIALICS 2007: Making Innovation work for the society: The Experiences from Asia , ASIALICS Malaya University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22-24 July
Wakdikar, Sandhya; (2004) '‘Global Health Care Challenge: Can India take the lead?’' in the World Herbo Expo 2004 , Bhopal, 12-14 January
Wakdikar, Sandhya; Rai, L.P.; (1998) '“Environment, Technology and Society” ' in the Silver Jubilee Conference of Society of Management Science and Applied Cybernetics , Society of Management Science and Applied Cybernetics New Delhi, 12-13 January
Project Reports
Suman, Yogesh ; Wakdikar, Sandhya; Sharma, Praveen ; Banerjee, Parthasarathy ; (2007), '“Evaluation and Assessment of Indo-US Science & Technology Forum Program Portfolio”' prepared forIndo-US Science Technology Forum, NISTADS, 0, October
Nath, P.; G.D, Sandhya ; Mrinalini, N; Bose, P.R.; Wakdikar, Sandhya; (2006), '“Status of Innovation: Automotive industry of India” ' prepared forDepartment of Science & Technology, New Delhi, NISTADS, 0, March
Sangwan, Satpal ; Wakdikar, Sandhya; Kapoor, Rammi; (1999), '“Science & Environment in the Age of Imperialism: A Handbook of Source Material” Vol. I (published & printed source material) & Vol. II (unpublished archival material)' prepared forThe Indian National Science Academy, NISTADS, 0, none
Visits Abroad
Wakdikar, Sandhya ;(2007) ‘Competitiveness and Innovation in Globalization Era: A Delhi Automotive Study’: Paper presented in ASIALICS 2007,in the University of Malaya, , , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 0 , July for (3days) .