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Scientific and Technical Staff

Dr(Ms) Praveen Sharma 
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11-25843066 (Mobile) 9871353965
Ph.D. (Computer Science)- JNU M.Sc. (Physics) Delhi University
Books Chapters
, Karmeshu Sharma, Praveen ( 2004 )Stochastic Evolution of Innovation Diffusion in Heterogeneous Population: Emergence of Multimodal Life Cycle Patterns.: Operational Research and its Applications Recent Trends.( ed. Rao, M.R. Puri, M.C. )Allied Publishers Pvt Ltd., New Delhi; Pages: 151-158
Sharma, Praveen Garg, K.C. ( 1999 )Research output in Mathematics: Structure and Dynamics : Emerging Trends in Scientometrics.( ed. Nagpaul, P.S. Garg, K.C. Gupta, B.M. )Allied Publishers Ltd., New Delhi; Pages: 129-140
Journal Papers
Karmeshu Sharma, Praveen Truncating the hierarchy of moment equations based on point distribution – application in innovation diffusion, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, -, , -, 2007, Pages: 233 - 240
Garg, K. C. Sharma, Praveen Kumar, Suresh Scientometric profile of the journal Mausam, Annals of Library and Information Studies, , 55, March, 2008, Pages: 76 - 0
Sharma, Praveen Garg, K.C. Editorial gate keeping in the US and UK clinical medicine journals, Current Science, 3, , March, 2008, Pages: 557 - 0
Jain, Ashok Garg, K.C. Sharma, Praveen Kumar, Suresh Impact of SERC’s funding on research in chemical sciences, Scientometrics, 3, 41, , 1998, Pages: 357 - 0
Sharma, Praveen Bhargava, S.C. A non-homogenous non-uniform influence model of innovation diffusion, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, , 46, , 1994, Pages: 279 - 288
Sharma, Praveen Garg, K.C. Editorial gate keeping in the US and UK clinical medicine journals, Current Science, 5, 99, , 2009, Pages: 0 - 0
Sharma, Praveen Gupta, B.M. Kumar, Suresh Application of growth models to science and technology literature in research specialities., DESIDOC bulletin of information technology, 2, 22, , 2002, Pages: 17 - 25
Sharma, Praveen Bhargava, S.C. Study on diffusion pattern and forecast of Indian Electronic Consumer Durables , Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, , 55, , 1996, Pages: 483 - 489
Project Reports
Suman, Yogesh ; Wakdikar, Sandhya; Sharma, Praveen ; Banerjee, Parthasarthy ; (2007), 'Evaluation and assessment of Indo-US Science and Technology Forum Program Portfolio' prepared forIndo-US Science and Technology Forum Program (IUSSTF), CSIR-NISTADS, 0,
Sharma, Praveen; Kshitij, Avinash ; (2011), 'Science & Technology Scoping Study: Identifying areas of cooperation between Ireland and India' prepared forEmbassy of Ireland, New Delhi, Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ireland, 0, (source:
Bhattacharya, Sujit; Sharma, Praveen ; Shilpa; Kaul, Arshia; Noklenyangla; (2014), 'CEFIPRA-25: Strengthening Bilateral Collaboration and Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation between India and France' prepared forCEFIPRA-Indo-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research, New Delhi, CSIR-NISTADS, 0, none